The Montgomery County Progressive Alliance is a result-oriented coalition. MCPA includes more than 1,000 local activists, mainly in and around Montgomery County Maryland. The organization began in 2003 when Democracy for America Meetup members reached out to other Meetup groups and other groups. Montgomery County for Kerry members and local Progressive Democrats of America members joined the MCPA, which has held meetings nearly each month since 2003.

MCPA members work to elect progressives to office, organize special events including debates and public issue forums, and lead issue advocacy efforts in Rockville, Annapolis, and on Capitol Hill. We cooperate with other organizations and coalitions to make progress in our communities, state, and nationally.

Moving into the rest of 2009 and building toward 2010, MCPA plans to expand our organization, raise funds, and advance our public education, coalition building and outreach efforts:

We promote progressive solutions to achieve a better, more fair and sustainable society. We focus mainly on issues and events in Montgomery County, Maryland, and the National Capitol region.

We advance equal and civil rights, clean and safe communities, high quality health care and education, verified voting, secure retirement, freedom, fairness and opportunity for all. We founded the MCPA to make a positive difference on local, state, national and global issues.

We support progressive candidates and promote fair election and campaign practices to empower people and ensure meaningful participation. We research and formulate policy, support causes and candidates, and organize events, fund raisers, and campaigns to advance our ideals.